Thursday, September 3, 2009


This time with my arm being injured has taught me abit about weakness.  Number one is that my left hand and arm is not nearly as strong as my right.  Second that if you don't use it you may lose it.  I haven't been useing my right arm and hand much because quite frankly it hurts.  I have noticed that with in the last few days my right hand  shakes when I try to hold a glass in it.  It has only been a week and I have used my hand some but it still is feeling the effects.  I think that this can also be said about our prayer life.  If  we don't pray every day then we will feel the effects.

My homeschool link for today is what we have been using for Math.  It is a totally free math program from England.  You do need a code for some of the teacher material but if your email them they will send you the code.  The program can be found here


Ronda said...

Good Mornin Sweetie,

I do so hope and pray your arm will be better soon.
Please know that I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Love & Prayers

Jennifer Hudson Taylor said...

I really depend on my right hand and arm way more than my left. Hope you get to feeling better soon.