Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family time and holidays

Since yesterday was Labor Day I got to thinking about family.  We have certain traditions in our family. On New Years day we watch the Mummer's Parade ( this is a Pennsylvania thing).  On Memorial day and Labor day we have a cookout.  On Thanksgiving my husband whole side of the family gets together and we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas at the same time.  Around Christmas we go chop down a tree, eat chili , decorate the tree and then watch "It's a Wonderful Life".  We mentioned to the kids that this year we had an artificial tree and it caused a near riot.  It was changing the tradition.  Change is hard after you have done something the same way for years.  But Change can be good also like when you go on a diet or start to eat healthier, quit smoking or other bad habits.  Question why you do certain things a certain way.  I read a story once about a lady who when she made ham for Christmas always cut off the two ends.  When her children asked her why she did it that way she said because that was how her mother did it.  When the children asked their grandmother why she did it that why she said because she had to to fit it in the pan.  lol
Traditions are going to change as you life changes but the love you have for you family will only grow stronger.

Not in to much pain today but I did overdo it a bit yesterday.  We try to have the ladies I work with over on holidays so that they have a nice holiday so I had to work a double shift yesterday and my arm is not use to it.  Oh well slowly but surely hopefully it will get better.

My homeschool link for today is Homeschool Freebie of the day.  These are the same people that do the Homeschool Radio show.  They post a really neat freebie every week day. Today was a audio about Davy Crockett with a listening guide.  Also if you sign up for their newsletter you get an extra freebie everyweek.

The pictures below are of my daughters while they are waiting for the burgers to grill.  
This is a picture of Hannah after she made the dessert for our cookout. 
This is my son who I can never seem to get pictures of when I am taking them.

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