Monday, August 31, 2009


I am going to the doctor later this afternoon for my arm.  At first I couldn't get through because the line was busy.  I got to thinking that how this rarely happens these days because of answering machines and call waiting.  As a matter of fact the doctors is the only place that I can think of that I get a busy signal.  Also my doctor's office has the worst hold music if you can even call it that.  You may be able to hear a snatch or two of a few notes but that is about it. I did realize that I really don't mind waiting so much if I have pleasant music to listen to but what I get from the doctors seems to put me on edge.
Today starts the first full day of school. We will see how it goes.  Like I said in an ealier post our school is eclectic.  Hannah seems to have the same learning style as her brother.  I used Switched on Schoolhouse for him one year and he seemed to excel so We are trying this with Bible, History and Science with Hannah this year.  Even thouhg she in 9th grade she is doing 10th grade work in these three classes.  You can see them at SWITCHED ON SCHOOL HOUSE  They do have some for sale on also.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Doing things that we don't want to do.

I am faced with several things that I will need to do tomorrow that I really don't want to deal with.  One is I have to call payroll and get my check fixed.  They totally messed up my pay this period and this type of thing usually turns into a long drawnout mess.  Second thing is I will need to go to the doctor about my arm.  Dave bought a brace last night and that did seem to help but there is definitely something wrong so it's off to the doctors. 
Speaking of doing things that you don't want to do, the pictures are of Dave and Hannah doing yard work yesterday.  Dave likes doing yard work but Hannah not so much.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Common Sense isn't too common anymore

I mentioned in an earlier blog about the popcorn rock that my hubby picked up for my daughter in Salt Lake.  The warning label says "Eating Rocks may lead to broken teeth"  Some of the things that they have to put on warning labels now adays is just plain common sense.  Like "The Contents may be Hot" on coffee cups.  I guess the powers that be just don't think we have common sense but like my title says there isn't too much of that around these days.
Still having a alot of pain today so may have to go to the doctor on Monday.

Friday, August 28, 2009


I am typing this with a very painful right arm.  Not sure if I slept on it wrong or more than likely been using the computer to long but it is so painful in fact that I have bee using my left hand to work the mouse. 
I did want to share some pictures of the girls at the junior high youth group slip and slide last night.  They had a good time.  Hannah is alittle sad that this will be her last junior high youth event.  Next week starts High school.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moving, Moving, Moving

Today is moving day for the ladies I work with. They will  be moving to a totally different town away from their friends and community.  They both seem excited now but I don't think that they realize that is will be permanent.  They may surprise me though. I am just praying that the staff has the wisdom and patience for the adjustment period.
Hannah and I were able to see Dave yesterday and grab a quick lunch.  It was a great time of family bonding, much of it spent laughing and joking with each other.  While Dave was at Salt Lake last week he picked up something called popcorn rock.  You put it in a jar and add vinegar and it grows.  I guess it grows naturally out that way.  We will be growing popcorn rock over the next couple of weeks and posting pictures of the progress.
Because of the trip to lunch with David not much school wise got done yesterday although Hannah did start her blog which is an assignment for her school this year.  If you are interested it can be viewed  here everything and anything or from the link at the bottom for the everything and anything blog.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You aren't behind, you are just where God wants you to be

I was listening to an mp3 by Cindy Rushton on my way to work last night and she made the quote that I used as my title for this post.  Isn't that just the greatest thing!!.  I got to thinking about that and gave myself permission to let myself think that way.  I still have to keep plugging away at things but I do give myself permission not to beat myself up if I don't get everything done that I thought I should in a day.  I have come a long way since we started this adventure that we call homeschooling.  I use to have my lesson plans made out months at a time.  That was all well and good until a thing called life came and messed everything up.   My husband is a truck driver and is gone for usually a week or more at a time so when he comes home the school plans usually go out the window.  I learned to go with the flow.  I don't stress anymore if we don't get everything done.  We just move it to the next day.
Like today, my hubby has a stop in Lancaster so the plan is for me to go up to have lunch with him (I'm giving him his new phone the PalmPre Happy Birthday Dave!) so school will be alittle different today.  Now it's not as bad as when the kids were younger because Hannah is at an age that she can do school on her own with alittle guidance from me.  I have been thankful for homeschooling because the kids did get to see their dad more often because they were home when he was home.
A few things I wanted to mention, please don't get upset if this blog does not have perfect grammar.  I tend to write like I talk thus not grammatically perfect..  Also I noticed as I was browsing blogs yesterday that one of the blogs I did start following had the same entry title the day before.  I don't recall seeing it before I made my title but I apologize if I did and subconsciencely used it.
This is a balloon I saw on my way home from work yesterday.  If you look close you can see the flame.  I thought it was an interesting site kinda looming up out of the fog.
Our Curriculumn is what you would call eclectic to say the least.  I tend to just pull a bunch of things together and make my own hodgpodge of things.  This year is no exception.  I thought I would just share a few things that I use every day or so and hopefully it will be of use to others.  The first thing I thought I would share is what I have used for years for my children for grammar.  Ha.  I  have used Daily Grammar for years and have found it to be very useful.  I use to receive it in my e-mail everyday but they stopped doing that but you can still go to the website and use the lesson archive.  I usually do two lessons a day.  It is very much like Daily Grams but free.  Hope this helps someone else.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have been thinking about changes alot lately. We are starting school back up full time and that is a change. This will be the first time in I think 15 years we will not be involved in a homeschool group and I will miss the fellowship with the other moms. Hannah will be starting high school this year so there will be chnages in that area. I work in a home that has two ladies who are developmentally disabled and they will be moving to a new house this week after living for years in their current house. A bunch of changes all at once. Life is constantly changing.

One thing I have been doing to help with the whole homeschooling thing is finding encouragement through listening and reading things by Cindy Rushton. I have found that she is just a down home girl and I feel like she knows where I am coming from. She makes no pretenses that her house and school runs like those picture perfect homes that are so often featured in the homeschooling magazines. You know the ones that make you feel like your a failure if you haven't gotten your house clean and at least an hour of schooling in by seven o'clock. This is a pipe dream in our house. Hannah is not a morning person and I feel like I am lucky if she is semi-conscience at 8. Any way if anyone is interested in Cindy Rushton she has a website at Check her out.
My hubby was in Salt Lake over the weekend and this picture is what he wrote in the sand. Wasn't that sweet.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ok I am determined to get more serious about my blogging. I am having my daughter start a blog and I picked up the book Blogging for Dummies to help along (if there ever was a dummy when it comes to blogging it is me). So I may be learning abit myself along the way.
The picture is one of my husband and daughter at the Lehigh Valley zoo about two weeks ago.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last Friday My husband and I went to the Lehigh Valley Zoo with our youngest daughter.  We had a really good time looking at all the animals and got to see them up close.  It is days like these that I love, just spending time with our family and enjoying each other.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So it has been awhile since I have posted. I just finished reading New Moon by Stpehanie Meyer. I really don't understand what the big to do is about. Maybe it is because I am a Mom and Old but I find the relationship between Bella and Edward a bit stalkerish and obsessive. I enjoyed the book alot more when Edward was out of the picture and it was mainly about Jacob and Bella. I found myself skimming the pages when Edward reentered the scene. Oh well hopefully the next book I pick up will be better.
I started the third book in a series by Tracie Peterson called Whispers in Winter. I always enjoy book by Tracie and this one seems to be no different.