Monday, August 31, 2009


I am going to the doctor later this afternoon for my arm.  At first I couldn't get through because the line was busy.  I got to thinking that how this rarely happens these days because of answering machines and call waiting.  As a matter of fact the doctors is the only place that I can think of that I get a busy signal.  Also my doctor's office has the worst hold music if you can even call it that.  You may be able to hear a snatch or two of a few notes but that is about it. I did realize that I really don't mind waiting so much if I have pleasant music to listen to but what I get from the doctors seems to put me on edge.
Today starts the first full day of school. We will see how it goes.  Like I said in an ealier post our school is eclectic.  Hannah seems to have the same learning style as her brother.  I used Switched on Schoolhouse for him one year and he seemed to excel so We are trying this with Bible, History and Science with Hannah this year.  Even thouhg she in 9th grade she is doing 10th grade work in these three classes.  You can see them at SWITCHED ON SCHOOL HOUSE  They do have some for sale on also.

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