Monday, April 25, 2011

Vacation, couponing, food storage and Alzheimer's

I know that the above title of my post is a bit ,well in a word strange, but hopefully as I go throughout this post it will become more clear.

The above topics are ones that have been on my mind recently.  I will take them one by one.

Vacation.  Hannah and I just returned on Thursday from a trip out to visit my parents in Indiana.  Yes we were there during all the severe weather that they were having (there was a confirmed tornado about 30 minutes away), flooding and storms, some of which actually sounded like explosion with the thunder, shook the whole house.  But despite that we had a nice relaxing time visiting with my Mom and Dad and going up to see my brother and his family (I cannot believe that my nephew is 18 and graduating).  I didn't do much reading but I did get alot of crocheting done,(I made 6 dish clothes and started a baby blanket).

Couponing.   Being inspired by Extreme Couponing on TLC.  I have been trying to use coupons as best I can to our advantage.  I average between 40 and 60 percent saving per trip so I consider that a success.  And no I do not plan on having enough toilet paper for seven years.  I have started a small stockpile and when I get a good deal I will add to it and donate extra when I can.  I do not believe in going into a store and wiping out their entire stock and leaving nothing for anyone else.  Which brings me to the next topic.

Food Storage.  After seeing what happened in Japan after the earthquake and seeing how the economy is going and how much gas is my husband and I have decided to set up a food storage system just so we can be a little prepared in an emergency.  After looking online it seems that the Mormons have a system where they buy a certain amount of food each week or grocery trip so that they are stocked up for awhile and then they rotate their supply so things do not go bad.  Although I am not a Mormon this sounds like a good idea to me.  I do rely on God for our needs but I think part of that is using the resources and brains that God has given us to help ourselves. 

Last but certainly not least Alzheimer's.  While we were out in Indiana, my Dad visited a neurologist and the doctor feels that he is exhibiting the signs of the early stages of this disease.  He put my Dad on a medication that will slow the progress ,hopefully, but as of now as you may well know there is no cure.  Ironically, I was reading an article in the waiting room about Alzheimer's.  I will be researching more for myself and maybe to help my parents if I can. 

So hopefully by now the title of this post will make a bit more sense.


Becky K. said...

I was so sorry to hear about your Dad's diagnosis. I'm glad they caught it early and that they have meds to help.

Those storms sound terrible. I hope they skip us. I just don't like them, at all.

We are thinking ahead when it comes to food and fuel too. Seems like the wise thing to do.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I agree with you about the food storage stuff. There are two blogs that I read that have good posts and links on their side bars of their blogs about food storage. One is Coffee, Tea, Books, and Me -

And the other is Double Nickel Farm -

I was sorry to hear about your Dad, too. Perhaps the medicines will help hold it at bay for years to come. The Lord knows. We will be adding this to our prayers.

It was good to see you yesterday.