Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time, being good stewards and fun

As You know I have started really putting an effort into saving money especially with coupons.  I was reading an article in one of the many newsletters I get about how being frugal (we like to call this stewardship) is not a one size fits all type of thing.  Some people are willing to pay extra for something and maybe cut costs in another area. 

As I think of what I have done to change things in the last few weeks I thought I would share a bit. 

Aldi's use to be our main grocery store.  That was until the gas prices started going up.  To make a trip to Aldi's I would have to make an extra trip into Lancaster which is more gas.  By shopping at two of the main grocery stores in the area that are on my way home and open when I go home I save the gas plus by using coupons, sales, buy one get one offers and 10 for $10 offers I can get about the same amount of food that I got from Aldi's (the produce is better also).  It does take alittle more planning than a trip to Aldi's but it is worth it as far as I am concerned.  Also if I really want something from Aldi's I can have my hubby stop by sometime on his way home from his work as he doesn't work to far away and comes home when they are open.

Being good stewards with what we are given is one of the things my hubby and I are really striving for.  We have struggled our whole married life with our finances.  Hopefully some of the habits we are starting to form will take hold and help in this department.  In the process with the extra that I am able to get from couponing we hope to donate to help others.

Having fun,  To me it is fun tracking down the deals and getting the most for the money we spend.  Yesterday by using coupons, getting things on sale and loyalty card I was able to get $45 worth of products for 67 cents.  And I have only really been doing this for about a month.  And it was all stuff that we will use eventually and that won't expire (except for the Twizzlers but again My son works for them so ...) Do I have stuff for years down the road?  No but we are probably good for about six months in the household products department and health and beauty department.  I have started to put a few things aside to donate as I will continue to get it if I can for free or very cheap. As far as food is concerned I think we are probably good for about a month.  I would like to build this up to at least a three month supply.  The thing with food is that it used alot faster than the other stuff so it will take longer to stock up.  But for now my small chest freezer is full and my pantry is well supplied.

Just like I always say with homeschooling, it's not for everyone and it's not for every stage of life.  For now though couponing seems to be working for us.

I have added a little summary type thing in the left sidebar that I will try to keep up date listing how much i have saved to date and how much that is percentage wise.  Thanks to my 99% drugstore buy yesterday my percentage jumped quite a bit.  But you know if I was able just to save a bit I would consider it a success because every little bit helps.  One thing I learned when we started homeschooling is not to judge your success by others.  The same is true of saving,  Set a goal for yourself and try to achieve that.  Start small and work your way up.  If you don't achieve the goal when you want just reevaluate and start again.  Just like in the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race.  Ok that's enough cliches for now.

Have a great day!!


Becky K. said...

That was very well said! I enjoy using coupons but am not as dedicated to it as I was when our kids were little. I visited a yard sale over the weekend where the ladies were huge with coupons and were selling their excess. I got wonderful prices on toothbrushes, floss and other toiletries. They were a blessing to me and they made a little bit in the process.

I enjoyed talking to them. It will be fun to watch your progress.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Very cool, Friend!

It is great to be good steward of our can be really hard though.

Glad you are having fun with it!

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Sad as I KNOW I should be diligent about couponing but I find it EXHAUSTING...... I give you so much credit.....