Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's Going on? Wednesday

We have been busy on and off recently.  On Monday night a bunch of ladies from church got together to honor four young ladies in the church who had recenly graduated or turned sweet 16.  Hannah was one of these.  We had a good time with several of the ladies sharing bits of wisdom and one of the girl's grandmother giving a wonderful talk complete with props on following the recipe for life (the Bible).  The other grandmother of this girl gave each of the girls a note with her favorite verses in it and encouraged them to memorize scripture.

It has bee really hot here the last couple of days and I haven't felt like walking.  I did walk today and took some pictures.

 Yes that is goose droppings on the sidewalk.  It makes it very interesting to walk here.  But It is so pretty!!
Hannah had her physical for her drivers' permit so she just has to decide when she wants to go for her test.  She is taking her time and making sure that she is ready which I believe is a good thing.  She has always been our tentative one when it comes to things she is not sure about, she takes her time and feels things out. 

We have recently discovered an new park that has a walking path beside a creek.  It is a nice quiet place and you can go in the creek and wade if you so choose.   We hope to continue to discover other great parks as there are alot located throughout Lancaster County.  I will try to take pictures of the various trails as I explore them. 

I have been watching some oldies but goodies lately.

Lost in Space.  Bad acting and Bad special effects but good campy fun.  Nothing to worry about here. 

The Patty Duke Show Reunion Movie.  I discovered The Patty Duke Show when I was a teenager on reruns.  I always liked the whole concept of the show.  Again good clean fun.

Beach Party with Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon.  I was a bit surprised by this one as sex is mentioned quite often and the professor is even studying the teenage mating rituals.  No one is actually sexually active but Frankie brings Dede to the beach so they can be alone.  She wants him to think of her as a wife so she invites all their friends.  Annette keeps her promise to Walt Disney and doesn't show her naval but there is plenty of bikinis around . Tthe one girl always wears some kind of outfit with fringe so when she dances it is swinging back and forth.  The teenagers made out quite a bit.  Not the innocent little movie you would think it would be. 

I love Lucy.  Always a Classic.  this is a great clip. 

I hope that everyone has a great day!!!

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