Monday, April 6, 2009

 For anyone who is interested I belong to a great site called Shelfari. It allows you to keep track of your books read, ones you are reading and ones that you'd like to read. You can also belong to some groups and talk with other readers about different books. It has encouraged me to read more and given me ideas of books that I would never read with out the site.
My most recent book that I have finished is The Trick or Treat Murder by Leslie Meier. This is a cozy mystery about Lucy Stone who lives in Tinker's Cove. I recently discovered cozy mysteries which are mysteries that don't have alot of sex or language in them. It is nice to read them. This book has Tinker's Cove dealing with an arsonist who is burning down buildings around Halloween time. He has also just taken his first fatality. It was a pretty good mystery and I didn't figure it out until the arsonist was revealed.

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