Monday, January 25, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

So I have a double Whammy today.  My little car was being blown all over the road on my way home from work this morning.  Boy is it warm outside. 

The latest audio book that I am listening to is certainly gripping but the reader is really distracting.   She is really good with the voices but her cadence while she is reading the book is not quite right.  She pauses  when she shouldn't and then she tries to make it more suspenseful but it just doesn't seems to work.  It is really amazing how much a reader can make a book enjoyable or not.

The cd that we wer using for Hannah exploded in the cd rom so I was scrambling for something else for Hannah to use.  I decided on American Heritage  this is the link for the high school course but you can access elementary and middle school.  It is free.       


Beth said...

Hi! I am just popping in from a comment you made on another blog. I also work with developmentally disabled adults! I also homeschool two of my girls, Becca 12, and Jennie who is 16! I work two very very long days a week.
I have a question about Switched on Schoolhouse. Jennie is having a difficult time getting "motivated" to do her schoolwork. She did great in public school last year but wanted to be homeschooled. I have tried the Abeka video streaming but the girls really hated it and it was so time consuming. They didn't seem to be able to do anything else all day but sit in front of that computer screen. How do you like SOS? I would love to see a demonstration. Jennie is so frustrated that she is wanting to go back to public school next year. I'd love to give her another option. Any suggestions??? Thanks! Beth

Beth said...

Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. I think that with my younger daughter, Becca, we will use SOS for at least math, possibly science or English. She is an AVID reader. She's 12 and right now she is reading the comedies of Shakespeare! (What a weirdo she is!! haha!)
I'm not sure about my 16 year old. I am having a hard time convincing her that she doesn't need to go back to public schoo. Lots of prayer, I suppose!
Thanks so much, again, for your response!