Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spent the weekend cooking

At least it felt that way.  Hubby will be on his way to Texas by way of Louisiana within the next 15 minutes so I made some casseroles and such for him to take in the truck with him that should keep him well feed for the next week. 

I made him a dozen egg muffin sandwiches,  at least a dozen french bread pizzas, a entire lasagna which we divided up into different containers,  sent along two containers of chili left over from Friday night and an entire ham casserole that I had made extra and nobody here really liked it but David. 

He will probably be gone for two weeks so this should keep him well feed for the first week.  It is so expensive to eat on the road. 

While he is gone I will squirrel away  little bits of different meals that we have here at home.  This will be difficult as Faith is moving out so It will be just Hannah and myself  home and I really don't like cooking big meals for just the two of us.    

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