Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year one and All

Our New Year's celebration was very laid back as I mentioned in another post.  My son came to stay with us for the evening.  I spent much of the day Thursday cooking so we could have the goodies that night.  My youngest daughter baked brownies (they turned out a little hard as she put them into a pan that was to big) and snickerdoodles (these turned out good although she didn't put in the cream of tartar and she accidently put cinnamon in the wrong bowl, the cookies were just extra cinnamony).  I made the potato skins (just bake potatos, let cool slightly, scoop out pulp, put on favorite toppings and bake an extra 15 minutes at 350)  These also freeze great.  I also made Honey bbq chicken wings (use frozen chicken wings, mix a cup of honey with whole bottle of favorite sauce, pour into chicken wing bag and coat wings well, pour onto a baking pan.  bake at 350 for 1  hour).  I also made meatballs (just took frozen meatballs and put in crockpot with jar of spaghetti sauce on high for 4 hours)  would have been better if I had made the meatballs.  We also had chips and dip.  and of course soda. 
Faith went to a party with her friends.
Justin and Hannah played Wii for a while then we all played Disney Monopoly.  We have our own rules for certain things so had to reestablish them along the way.
My hubby made a fire in the fireplace and Justin opened his Christmas Presents since he wasn't with us at Christmas. 
We watched the end of Wild Hogs and then watched the ball in New York, Red Rose in Lancaster, White Rose in York and the Stawberry in Harrisburg all drop together.  Then we went to bed.
Next Mornging we slept in and I put our breakfast in about 8.  We ate breakfast and watched the Mummers parade all day.  I made some ham and cheese sandwiches and then my son left for home. I will post the recipes for the breakfast and the sandwiches later.  Last night we watched the fancy brigades.  We were a little disappointed this year.  Seems like last year about every one we were saying WOW during their performances but not so much this year. 
Today is just a regular Saturday. Hubby is out doing errands and I am here blogging.

The Bible in 90 Days: I have read the first day and half's readings.  I have decided to break each day into two separate reading times as I was finding my mind wandering yesterday as I was reading.  It still amazes me each time I read it about how willing Lot was to sacrifice his daughter so the messagers wouldn't be taken by the men . 

My resolutions:  1.  Lose weight.  Not going to set a number on this one I just want to lose some weight and maintain it being off.
2.  Read the Bible in 90 days.  I have read the Bible all the way through but never all at once. 
3.  Better organized.  maintain the house better and get my daughter onto a chore schedule.
4.  Maintain our budget.  We have made great strides with this last year but hope to improve more this year. 

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