Wednesday, January 6, 2010

3 hours to get home

It took me three hours to get home this morning.  We had a bit of snow this morning and it made the roads icy.  I guess a van flipped over on the highway (don't know if anyone was hurt but I prayed for them) a bit in front of me and I sat in traffic for 2 hours.  Luckily I always have my phone with me with several books downloaded and I had my mp3 player with several audio books on it also (not to mention my old phone with audio books on it as well) Okay so I am a reading junky and I guess I like all my gadgets. 

I started listening to Oswald Chamber:Abandoned to God this morning and listened to about an hour and a half.

Didn't get any of my reading done for the 90 day challenge so will have to read later today.  Had to start school as soon as I got home.

Keeping track of everything that enters my mouth on  Went over on my calories a bit yesterday but not by much.

Next week will be starting back with  It's kinda like cleaning for dummies.  She takes you step my step through what to do and even though I have been doing this along time I like to have step by step instructions.  I decided to start this next week so we could get back into the swing of school and I could get the Bible reading into a groove.

This is what my daughter drew for art yesterday.  I thought she did such a good job I framed it.  I really have to look into art lessons for this girl.

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