Monday, January 11, 2010

already Behind

I took on the task of reading the Bible in 90 days and I even spent my Christmas money that my parents sent me to buy the special Bible that is suppose to make the reading easier.  Reading 12 pages a day, I can do that, ha yeah.  I always start yawning after about 3 pages.  Of course these 12 pages are two rows on a page.  I should be able to read the Bible after all it is the divinely inspired word of God and I have no problem reading books by my favorite authors. 

I am currently about three days behind.  The program has two days in it that you can not read.  About this time I would just give up but I am going to keep going.  so what if I don't finish in 90 days the important thing is that i read the Bible all the way through.

okay so I have convinced myself,  how about you?  Keep at it.  so what if you didn't make your goals today.  Every Second of every minute of every day is a chance for a brand new start.       

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