Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Made Our Reservations for Disney

My wonderful hubby made our reservations for Disney World yesterday!!.  We will be going for our 25th anniversary.  This will be a trip with just David and myself.  Hannah is a bit disappointed but we have already taken her twice and we wanted to celebrate this  milestone with the something special for just the two of us.  Now I get to plan all the details.  We decided that we were only going to two of the parks, Magic Kingsom because its my favorite and Epcot because it is David's Favorite.  We took the money that we saved on not going to the other two parks and bought tickets to the Cirque de Soliel show that is at Disney.  So now I have to decide when we are going to the two parks and were we are going to eat on what day.  I love planning a Disney trip!!.  I know one of the restraunts we will definately be going to is The Coral Reef at Epcot.  This is a wonderful seafood restraunt that has huge aquarium that you can watch the sharks, turtle etc swimming around and they have divers come down and feed the fish.   

I am going to start doing my planning now.  Have a great day. 

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