Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's on My Mind Wednesday

So I really don't have many things on my mind today but after driving home this morning from work I was wondering.

Why there were absolutely no salt trucks or plows on the road?  I take that back I saw one.  One measly truck.  Even when I was on the highway (which was totally snow covered by the way and you could not see where the lanes were.) 

I have noticed with the last couple of snows that there seem to be  not many trucks out.  I mean these snows have been predicted for days and there aren't any trucks out plowing and salting.  I drive to work late in the evening and come home early in the morning so I am at the worst times to be out.  I don't much like driving at night anyway but absolutely hate it in the snow.  It took me twice as long as usual to get home this morning because of the conditions of the roads.  I probably will not be going into work tonight.  

Ok off my soapbox.  I hope that everyone in the East stays safe and drive slow. 

The snow is very beautifu by way (when I don't have to be out in it)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TV Tuesday

Ok I admit it I am a Reality Show junkie.

I use to watched Jon and Kate plus eight until the parents let the whole thing go to there heads and it became all about the money.
Here is a link to the kids saying some cute things.

I would watch Little People Big World but they showed the last episode just a few months ago.

Here is when Zach has his first date.

I love to watch 19 Kids and counting because it refreshing to see a nice wholesome family on tv.  This is when they announced the next grandbaby

I really like Survivor and have been watching it since the second season (I did see the famous  speech from the first season finale)

Here is a clip of Russell and Rob who will be in the next season

I really like Amazing Race also. The next season is some of the favorite teams for Unfinished Business

But My latest show I have been watching is Hoarders.

The reason I am so fascinated by this show is because I see tendencies of this in my life.  I don't want to give things away and I am always thinking that I can use something in the future.  But when I see this show it doe make me want to clean out a bit of stuff I have been saving (to my husband's delight).  don't get me wrong my house doesn't even begin to look like this house but if I like to keep my books and magazines and crafts supplies. 

Do you watch Reality TV?  If so what do you Watch.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!

:After taking a few weeks off because of sickness, holidays and just plain laziness I plan on getting back to posting on this blog. 

So Monday's here at Always Look Up is always about the movies. 

We love watching Cirque De Soliel.  If you have never seen it go to Netflix and get a membership just so you can.  These performers are just absolutely amazing.

We watched Dralion

This is the opening of the show

This was just absolutely beautiful


and what would a circus be without Clowns


We also watched Despicable Me

I thought it was cute. 

The rest of the week will hopefully go something like this:

Tuesday is Tv Tuesday - I will talk about something to do with tv, whether it is a show or just getting on my soap box.

Wednesday is What is on My Mind or Wordless Wednesday.  I will just post about anything that hits my fancy or if nothing is on my mind (which is quite often)  I will post a pic.

Thursday will be dedicated to Home school topics

Friday is blog hops if I feel like doing them and a report on what is going on at my book blog A Room without Books is Empty   

Saturdays is My Disney Fix with clips from cartoons, movies, whatever trips my trigger

Sunday is Praise and Worship Videos

Hope you come back and join in the fun.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Round Two

So we are in round two of sickness at our house.  My Husband and I were both sick over the weekend and took time off of work.  Hannah wasn't feeling well yesterday so stayed home from church. 

I hope to get more into a rhythm for this blog soon but I need to start feeling better first. 

I have trainings at work this week.  One all day  tomorrow and one on Wednesday night.  We are suppose to get snow tomorrow afternoon.  I like the snow as long as it isn't the kind that sticks to the roads.  This is suppose to be plow able snow according to our local weather man.  Ugh.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spent a quiet weekend

Our holiday weekend was very quite.  Hannah had spent Monday through Thursday in Canada at a youth event so really wanted just to relax at home for the weekend.

I had a gift card that I had earned from My Points. ( a great program by the way for just clicking sponsors offers and for when ever you do any shopping online.) for Cracker Barrel   so we decided that we would head there to eat for our last meal of 2010.

Hannah had put a sock monkey on her list for Christmas but I couldn't find one and didn't want to order one over the Internet.  Wouldn't you know that right when we walked in the restaurant there was a display of sock monkeys.  So Hannah ended up with

Socko the Sock Monkey!!

After dinner we just drove around and looked at Christmas Lights.  Then we came home and watched
We are currently watching the fifth season of this great show.

Then we said Happy New Year and went to sleep (boy are we party animals)

New Year's day we spent basically snacking and watching the Mummer's parade

Here are the winner's of the Fancy brigade.  They went on to go to America's got talent

I had never heard of the Mummer's until I moved to PA.

Hope everyone else had a great New Year celebration.