Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Spent a quiet weekend

Our holiday weekend was very quite.  Hannah had spent Monday through Thursday in Canada at a youth event so really wanted just to relax at home for the weekend.

I had a gift card that I had earned from My Points. ( a great program by the way for just clicking sponsors offers and for when ever you do any shopping online.) for Cracker Barrel   so we decided that we would head there to eat for our last meal of 2010.

Hannah had put a sock monkey on her list for Christmas but I couldn't find one and didn't want to order one over the Internet.  Wouldn't you know that right when we walked in the restaurant there was a display of sock monkeys.  So Hannah ended up with

Socko the Sock Monkey!!

After dinner we just drove around and looked at Christmas Lights.  Then we came home and watched
We are currently watching the fifth season of this great show.

Then we said Happy New Year and went to sleep (boy are we party animals)

New Year's day we spent basically snacking and watching the Mummer's parade

Here are the winner's of the Fancy brigade.  They went on to go to America's got talent

I had never heard of the Mummer's until I moved to PA.

Hope everyone else had a great New Year celebration.

1 comment:

Becky K. said...

Love the sock monkey!

As you know we were sick, sick, sick for New Year's Eve so we didn't party very all.

Hope to see you Sunday.