Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!

:After taking a few weeks off because of sickness, holidays and just plain laziness I plan on getting back to posting on this blog. 

So Monday's here at Always Look Up is always about the movies. 

We love watching Cirque De Soliel.  If you have never seen it go to Netflix and get a membership just so you can.  These performers are just absolutely amazing.

We watched Dralion

This is the opening of the show

This was just absolutely beautiful


and what would a circus be without Clowns


We also watched Despicable Me

I thought it was cute. 

The rest of the week will hopefully go something like this:

Tuesday is Tv Tuesday - I will talk about something to do with tv, whether it is a show or just getting on my soap box.

Wednesday is What is on My Mind or Wordless Wednesday.  I will just post about anything that hits my fancy or if nothing is on my mind (which is quite often)  I will post a pic.

Thursday will be dedicated to Home school topics

Friday is blog hops if I feel like doing them and a report on what is going on at my book blog A Room without Books is Empty   

Saturdays is My Disney Fix with clips from cartoons, movies, whatever trips my trigger

Sunday is Praise and Worship Videos

Hope you come back and join in the fun.

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Becky K. said...

Your bloggy week is very organized! Mine is very random.