Thursday, January 28, 2010

Audio books

I have really enjoyed audio books over the last few years.  I have listened to book that I know I wouldn't have been able to get through if i was reading them but I really enjoyed listening to them.  I discovered that certain types of books are still better in the traditional book form like the mystery series i read by Joanne Fluke about Hannah Swenson.  I tried listening to this series on audio but since such a big part of the whole thing is that she is a baker and there are recipes in the book this didn't work for me. 

I have tried to get my daughters interested in audio books.  Not to much luck but Hannah does like to listen to Adventures in Odyssey and Down Gilead Lane.

If your children are auditory learners then this might interest you.  I go thet link for  today.  Although they don't have many titles yet they do offer the option of reading the book page by page with the audio.  Check it out.   

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