Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Made Money Couponing!! (Sort Of)

As I posted last week I have started trying to use coupons more in order to use our limited resources (significant pay decrease) .  Also My hubby and I have been trying to think of a way that we can doante more to a local homeless shelter and the food bank.  Couponing seems to be a way to help with that.

On Sunday I asked my Hubby to pick up two papers instead of one for the extra coupons.  He came out with 3 lol.  Hannah liked this as it gave her two different comics to read.  Anyway a note to everyone check to make sure you have the whole paper and that the coupons are in there if you buy your papers at a store, one of the papers hubby got was missing the section that had the comics and the coupons.  He will check next time. 

I spent probably about a half an hour cutting out my coupons on Sunday evening.  This was ok as My husband was reading the paper and we were watching a documentary on Hershey Park.  Nice together time.

Monday morning I spent some time organizing my coupons (I have a binder I put them in) then looked on a blog I follow that gives you updates on coupons and read the post on matching up the coupons to the sales at the drugstore I go to and went through and matched up the items I was interested in then I made out my list.  This took me about an hour.

I went to our local drug store (I can give you more specifics if you are interested, just comment below)  to  pick up some things that were on sale and I had coupons for ,  before coupons the total was $38, after coupons $18 so I saved $20 by using coupons then I got $20  in the coupons they print at the end of the receipt so I am ahead by $2.  I also came home and registered my receipt for another $2 rebate.  Now I know that I will have to spend those coupons at the store I got them at but I shop there often and I can use the coupons on anything in the store except for the usual restictions (prescriptions, tobacco, etc)
And I know that you are probably thinking that I bought things I normally wouldn't buy but I got razors for my husband, dish soap, deodorant, a toothbrush, ( I did buy twizzlers but my son works in the twizzler factory so I justified that purchase) foundation makeup (which I had a coupon for and it was the rebate item) and some emory boards.

When I came home I spent about another hour matching up coupons to the grocery ads for my trip I will take on Thursday.  I basically shop for two weeks so this only will happen every two weeks.

We are almost at the point where I have stocked up on certain items like deordorant, toothpaste and brushes that we will be putting stuff aside to donate. 

I am not an extreme couponer by any means but the little I save with them helps.  I can see how people would get obsessed with finding the right deal to match the right coupon.    Some people spend 10 - 60 hours a week on this.  I spent about 3 hours and I am satisfied with my effort.  I figure any money I save is a step in the right direction.

I am going to put a page at the top of my blog just to keep track of the savings over the next couple of weeks just to see how I am doing.

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