Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have been thinking about changes alot lately. We are starting school back up full time and that is a change. This will be the first time in I think 15 years we will not be involved in a homeschool group and I will miss the fellowship with the other moms. Hannah will be starting high school this year so there will be chnages in that area. I work in a home that has two ladies who are developmentally disabled and they will be moving to a new house this week after living for years in their current house. A bunch of changes all at once. Life is constantly changing.

One thing I have been doing to help with the whole homeschooling thing is finding encouragement through listening and reading things by Cindy Rushton. I have found that she is just a down home girl and I feel like she knows where I am coming from. She makes no pretenses that her house and school runs like those picture perfect homes that are so often featured in the homeschooling magazines. You know the ones that make you feel like your a failure if you haven't gotten your house clean and at least an hour of schooling in by seven o'clock. This is a pipe dream in our house. Hannah is not a morning person and I feel like I am lucky if she is semi-conscience at 8. Any way if anyone is interested in Cindy Rushton she has a website at Check her out.
My hubby was in Salt Lake over the weekend and this picture is what he wrote in the sand. Wasn't that sweet.

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Ronda said...

Hi, nice to meet you.
I love your blog and I will be back regularly.

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