Monday, September 14, 2009


I don't watch the Video Music Awards because I don't like much of the music out these days.  One young lady that I do like is Taylor Swift.  She seems to be a wholesome young lady and doesn't seem to have all the controversy swirling around her.  Except last night,, She won the best Female video of the year.  She was truly honored and humbled that she would win because she is a country artist and this was MTV after all.  Then Kanye West gets up and ruins her moment by saying Beyonce had the best video.  Poor Taylor didn't know what to say but she handled it with class.  Now if he had just waited Beyonce did win best video.  Then Beyonce did a classy thing and let Taylor come out and have her moment.
I would hope that when my daughters are in situations like these that they would be able to handle them with class like both these young ladies.

The homeschool link I'd like to share is for classics for kids.  This is a neat site that takes a composer each month and gives lessons on that composer.

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