Wednesday, September 2, 2009


 I am a sucker for the so called reality show.  Alot of times it is kinda like a car wreck,  you can't help but watch.  One of my favorite reality shows though is about Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.  They just announced yesterday that they are expecting their 19th child!!  Their baby will be born about 5 months after the birth of their first granchild.  My husband did the math and that is over 14 yrs being pregnant.  I admire them for their dedication to the calling that they feel that God has givien them.  If you would like to read their story you can here  I admire them not only for being able to handle that many children and seemingly doing a wonderful job but for consistently showing Godly love and principles every week on their show.  I am sure that the show has afforded them more opportunties than they would have had without it but they don't seem to have let it go to their heads like other reality families.  I struggle with trying to get just one child to stay on track. I also admire them for dedication to frugalness.  They actually are debt free and didn't inccur any debt when they built their house which they used as a homeschooling  project for their children.  Here's wishing them health and happiness with their new bundle of joy.

My arm is a bit better today.  It is hurting less and less. 

I just posted a review of the book Someday by Karen Kingsbury on my other blog A room Without Books is empty  This is a the third book in the third series about the Baxter Family.  I really enjoy Karen's books.

My homeschool link for today is another all inclusive curriculumn site.  is a site that has every grade laid out for you and it follows Charlotte Mason philosophy.  Great site.

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