Monday, March 8, 2010

a Major Upheaval

Without going into too much detail my Husband finds himself looking for a new job this week.  We have  had several ups and downs this weekend and he finds himself  going through the whole process of applications and interviews.  I have no doubt that he will have a new job by the end of the week at the latest and that things will  be semi back to normal by the beginning of next month.   The circumstances that lead to this change are both ridiculous and actually a blessing in disguise.  The blessing part is that his job was taking a major toll on his body but he would never have left it on his own.  I won't get into the ridiculous part other than it is a product of the way the current legal system makes it so easy for someone to sue (which we could do twice over if we wanted to but have chosen just to let it go).   All prayers for our current situation and for the upcoming transition would be greatly appreciated.

As I have confessed  here to being a major book-a-holic.  I got my weekly email from Heart of the Matter (which you should subscribe) and the main subject was how to cultivate a love of reading in your children.  Some of the advice I have done with my children and you will find that you may already know but it just nice to see others using it with success.

Cultivating Readers,   Free children's books downloads, Encouraging a love of Literature were some of the articles I found interesting.

Another article was about setting a goal for ourselves to read great literature.  That article is here.

As a mother of a child who has always read way beyond her years I found this article about keeping up with an accelarated reader very interesting.  I always found it difficult to find books that Hannah would find enjoyable at her reading level.  (She has read at aobve 12 grade level since 3rd grade).


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Becky K. said...

I do hope Dave finds something quickly. It would be very unsettling to be in that position.

Thinking of you guys.

Becky K.