Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorry I Have been neglecting this Blog

I feel that I have been neglecting this blog as I have been mainly work on my book blog A Room without Books is Empty.  I have been busy finding books to review and of course reading and reading other blogs about books and feel I haven't been giving this blog as much attention as I should.  I will be posting a few cross over posts between my other blog and here. 

I just finished  review on Living the Resurrection by Eugene Peterson that you can find on the other blog. 

I went to the Rite Aid Drugstore yesterday to get my refills.  I had called to see how much they were.  wow could you believe that they were $150 for the month.  Since we are in between medical coverage now that left us without coverage for my pills.  I requested that they just give me one weeks worth.  When I went to pick them up I was pleasantly surprised that the pharmicist had done some math and figured out if I signed up for they prescription savings card I could get my full months prescription for only 8.99 per prescription for a total of $27 dollars.  Wow what a difference.  If you are interested the plan is outlined here

Easter is this Sunday and for school this week Hannah is doing a unit study on Easter.  She is reading scripture and listening to Handel's Messiah and learning about Handel.  She is also learning about the history of Easter.  We got the unit study from The teaching Home Magazine in their newsletter they send out.  You can sing up for the newsletter here.

Hope everyone is haveing a good week.     

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