Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little frustrated.

I am a little frustrated with my youngest today.  I had quite a long talk with her about her responsiblities around the house yesterday, as a matter of fact the subject was brought up several times throughout the day as I brought up examples as they presented themselves.  I asked her to do a certain chore as I left for work last night and I had told her I wanted her to do this chore earlier in the day before she went to bed.  When I got home from work the chore was still not done.  She is 14 and quite capable to do what I had asked her to do.  So I guess that she will not be going skating with her friends tonight, will not be going online for personal use today and not watching tv tonight.  Sigh.  I hate when my children force my hand and need to be disciplined.

I have several homeschooling links to share with you today.

Currclick's freebie is quite an extensive unit study on the Human body. You  may have gotten this if you ordered her bargain last week in the link I posted but if not here is a chance to get a really great unit study .  The link is here.

Becky over at Homeschooling at Hospitality Lane posted a great link for vocabulary.  It can be found here.  Check out Becky's blog too.

Hannah is reading Treasure Island so I found this link very interesting.  I got it from Home school freebie of the day newsletter.  The direct link is here.  The homeschool freebie are several links for audio version of old radio shows , a pdf of the book and the unit study.    While you are there why not sign up for their newsletter.

If your child is an audio learning your may be interested in some link for audio books.  Florida has a program called Lit2go.  Here you will find and abundance of poems and books just waiting for you to download and listen.  It gives you listings for grade and reading level.  The link is here has just recently added a listing of over 1000 books from  Librivox records public domain books and has them available for download.  These are done by volunteers so the quality varies but this list will give you plenty to sift through.  The link is here.

I have other links that I will list in another post but these should get you started.     

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