Monday, March 15, 2010

And so the new adventure begins

My hubby got a new job!!!  He made the decision on Friday and all the arrangements were made for him to go to Columbus Ohio for his orientation.  He took a bus yesterday morning.  We had to go up to Reading, PA to pick up his ticket.  After Christmas I started buying gift cards for various restaurant (it is difficult for us to go out for a nice dinner if we have to come up with the money all at once but if I pick up a gift card here and there it isn't so much of a dent).  So we went to TGI Friday's as a celebration, only paying out $5 to go toward the tip, using the left over balance on the cards for the rest of the tip.  Afterward we went up to visit my husband's sister who we really enjoy visiting. 
Daughter will be spending much of the next week at the church making chocolate eggs.  They make peanut butter and cocoanut and sell them to benefit the youth group mission trips.  They are really delicious.   

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