Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Post Hurrican Irene and a bunch of randomness

We made it through the storm with no ill effects. We had our electric go out for just a minute here and there but no major disruption in service.
 We took the leap and got rid of our cable service this past week. We realized that we don't watch it that much and that we have using our Netflix more. Any shows that I watched were dvred and I would sometimes not watch them for weeks and by then I could watch most of them online. We also figured we could buy a couple of movies or seasons of tv shows we liked and still be able to save money. The cable rep that my hubby talked to was not to happy and kept asking if we were going with someone else.
My husband surprised me and came walking with me on Monday. We had a good time. We then went out for breakfast at one of our favorite diners 
Sunday we didn't have church because of the hurricane so we had a nice relaxing day here. Dave and I watched Secretariat On Netflix. We now have a blu ray player in the room that we can use netflix on the tv. It makes it really nice to watch some of the movies that I would like to watch with Dave as he usually only watches movies in bed before he goes to sleep. While we were watching this he googled it and found that some of the movie was not correct but it was a nice movie anyway.
 One station I will miss because we no longer have cable will be Turner Classic Movies. Netflix has some of the classics but not near the amount that TCM had.
We were without Internet on Monday so that put a bit of a cramp in our school as some of Hannah's subjects requires access to the Internet for various reason.
 I will be on vacation next week as one of the ladies I work with will be going on a cruise so they don't need two people there at night so I will work Sunday night and then bring the other lady home for a cookout on Monday then I will be off for a week after I take her back home. No real plans for the week except Hannah will be starting Homeschool Group which she is looking forward to as she will be taking an art class for one of her classes. I also may go to visit my Mother In Law but I am not sure about that yet.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. 


Mrs.Rabe said...

I still haven't watched Secretariat. I keep hearing it is good.

We have talked about doing away with Dish - just don't really watch it. Just like you we use Netflix and videos mostly....

Glad you were fine during the storm...enjoy your time off!


Becky K. said...

Enjoy your vacation week.
We'll be on vacation the mountains.

We just have basic cable. It bums me because I am a news junkie and loved the 24 hour news channels....but I think I might get more done without it.