Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Last Week and A Half

We have had an eventful week and a half here.  Last Monday Faith and Hannah left for a missions trip to Nappanee Indiana.  They conducted the VBS for the BIC church there and did some work around the church.

Our weekend started with Dave and I trying our hand at geocaching. There is one in a small park near us.  The above is a picture of the park.  We were close but we had to get help from the guy who lives in the house pictured. 

After we dropped the girls off at the church on Monday for the missions trip we went for a walk at Silver Mine Park.  The above pics were taken there.  We then went looking for covered bridges.

The above bridge is the Colemanville Bridge and a picture of the stream .  We then went to the Pinnacle Overlook down at PPL in Holtwood.

Isn't that a great view of the Susquehanna River!!

We found another Covered bridge on our way home.  This is the Baumgardner Bridge. 

We then went home.  that was our Monday.

On Tuesday I went walking at the Theodore Parker III Natural Area.  I posted pictures earlier of Dave and myself here.  I started walking at the other end of the trail.  Well I didn't walk far as the trail kept going down and as you know if you go down on the way back you have to go up. 

I didn't walk Wednesday but on Thursday I went to the BellaireWoods Nature Preserve.  The description said that the trail had cobblestones.  These were not cobblestones but boulders.  I must have twisted the wrong way after walking here as I have been experiencing back pain in varying degrees since then. 

The above pictures are from one of the places I walked on Friday.  These are from the Manor Township Park.  I drive past this park all the time and ddi not realize how big it was and how pretty.  The path wasn't very long and I didn't want to walk it again so I went to Central Park and walked part of Mill Creek Trail.  I had tried to walk this trail before but the trails aren't accesible until 7:30 so this was a perfect day to go. 

The above pictures are from my favorite place that I walked all week last week. On Saturday I went to   Ferncliff Wildflower Preserve.  It was a really pretty walk.  I didn't do it all as my back was really starting to give me problems.  I hope to take Dave here in the near future and maybe even do the geocache that is there.  (several of Lancaster Conservancy properties have geocaching).

By Saturday night my back was hurting so much that I couldn't bend down to pick something up.  I stayed home Sunday from church and tried  to rest my back.  I didn't walk on Monday.  Yesterday I went to Wolgamuth Park and walked a half mile.  I couldn't walk much further as my back was really hurting me.  I walked a mile on the Lancaster Junction Recreation trail today.  My back would be fine for a while then I would get a spasm.  I plan on doing some stretching exercises because when I stretch my back it seems to help. 

The girls came home on Saturday and they really had a great time and seemed to have made an impact on the kids who came to VBS. 

We will be starting school on Monday so I have been gathering materials and planning the first week.  Hannah and I function best if I don't plan to far in advance.  I have a general Idea of what I want her to achieve and how we are going to do that but the plan changes almost daily.  Plenty of room to tweak things if needed

How has your week been?

Remember Always Look Up!!


Becky K. said...

We have had an interesting week. I've made and sold some candles, Chelsea and I went to Hershey today, Manheim yesterday and Jonathan is working an extra shift. That is why I am up right now. I soon have to go and get him. I'm drinking coffee in hopes of staying awake.

Mrs.Rabe said...


I am going to have to check out all the parks you have mentioned. They all look great! Much nicer places to walk than just down the road!