Friday, December 4, 2009

Stuff that was in my email today.

First of all I spent the last hour designing a button for this blog so if you would like to grab it you can find it on the left sidebar.  It was really easy once I got the hang of it.  Here is the blog that I got the instructions for the button.

Econobusters has freebies listed every Friday. Today you can sign up for a free calendar from Pillsbury, get a flash drive and a tote bag  just to name a fe of the frebies listed.   As you probably can tell by my blog I love free stuff.

Here is a free Christmas customs lap book and here is another Christmas Symbols lapbook.

This is a link to a Christmas Scripture quiz.  Test your knowledge about what Scripture really says.

Click Here for a free downloadable Advent Calendar with different activites for you and your family to do each day.

This  a Lapbook about Christmas around the world. offers a free audio book each month. This month is A Christmas Carol and they are also letting you download last months book on poetry for this week only.   

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