Monday, December 28, 2009

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas

My christmas started off alittle rough.  I work in a house taking care of two wonderful ladies who are both developementally disabled.  I try to bring them home with me most holidays and they are just like part of the family.  Anyway one of them is in a wheelchair and we have a special van to transport her.  After I strapped her in and got the other lady in, I hopped in the van and started driving the van out of the garage.  Crash!! Bang!!  I get out and realize (too late) that I forgot to latch the hatch and it hit the garage door and I smashed the entire back window out.  Ugh.  so after a quick call to my boss I preceded to clean up the glass and while I was doing that I slipped and fell and really scrapped up my knee.  I got the window covered with garbage bags but didn't have any tape but scotch tape so I taped it as goo as I could then preceded to come on home.  I stopped at two convenience stores on my way till I found some duct tape then taped up the the window better.  Whe I got home my wonderful husband measured a piece of plastic and got the rest of the glass out and taped the plastic on for me.  We had a good rest of the day. 

My husband surprised me on Christmas eve with my main gift in my stocking (we open our stockings on Christmas Eve)  It is a beautiful opal and pink diamond ring.  Opal is my birthstone and pink is the color for October.   I had to take it to get it resized as it was just a bit to small but I will have it back soon I hope.

Both my daughters got mp3 players for Christmas and gift cards to itunes so they have been adding songs.

My oldest daughter gave my husband and I gift cards to Ruby Tuesdays and we went out to eat on Saturday.  It was nice having a "date" with my hubby.

I have been thinking about New Years resolutions and one both my husband I have decided to do is to read the Bible cover to cover in 90 days.  I used some of the money my parents sent me for Christmas to buy the Bible in 90 days Bible.  Blogging about it

What are some of your resolutions?  


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