Tuesday, December 29, 2009

23 years ago today

23 years ago today I went into the Drs. to have a checkup to see how I was progressing in my pregnancy.  I was due in about two more weeks.  The doctor checked me and asked me if I wanted him to break my water to start the labor because he said I would probably be back in a day or two anyway.   Well you don't ask 9 nomth pregnant lady if she wants to get it over with, of course I said yes.  12 hours later I had my son.
My husband and I were totally clueless on what to do as parents even though we both had spent several years working at a children's home as house parents (it's different when it's your on child).  He was one loved little boy.
We had our ups and downs with him and recently he has chosen to step away from his upbringing and has chosen to live a life that is both bewildering and heartbreaking to his father and myself. 

But we still love him and pray for him every day.

So Happy birthday Justin!!! We love you.    

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