Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Our New Year celebrations are pretty low key these days.  We sometimes go to a church service but most times we just stay home and eat snacks and appetizers and play games and maybe watch a movie. 
I spent soem time yesterday goin through a bunch of recipe emails I have saved looking for appetizer recipes and this is what I came up with:

New Year's Eve:  Honey BBQ chicken wings (recipe I have been using for years from Taste of Home)
Mini soft pretzels and dip from Pillsbury site
Potato skins recipe I am not sure where I got
Flaky pizza Snacks from Pillsbury
slow cooker bbq meatballs from recipelion
caramel brownies

New Year's day:

Semi Homemade Breakfast Casserole
spicy potato wedges
bacon wrapped breadsticks from homecooking
cheesy sausage stars recipes from homecooking
Marinated ham and swiss buns from homecooking (my boss made these one time and they are really delicious)

We spend most of the day New Years watching parades especially the Mummers parade which is a Philly thing. 

I will post some of these recipes if they turn out ok. 

I have alot of recipes saved that I get in my email and plan on making them this next year. 

Here's hoping everyone has a great and wonderful New Year.   

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