Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby It's Cold Outside

Here in Pa it is 25 degrees and the wind is blowing a bit.  But it is nothing compared to what my hubby had to endure during and after the blizzard. 

This is a picture of him trying to stay warm in the below zero wind chill.  He will not make it home probably till next weekend as the storm put him behind several days.  Glad he was able to get a motel room and the lady at the motel made homemade chili for him and the other guests.

Now onto the goodies I have for today.

Here is instructions on how to make interesting ornaments out of straws and a styrofoam ball.  Here is a picture 

This is a site that show you how to make a really neat paper snowflake.

Here is a pdf on how to make easy gingerbread houses.

Grinch coloring pages are are at the this link.

You can practice your math skills here with a Christmas twist.

Make your own wacky Christmas Tale here.

Here you will find a pdf of a bunch of Christmas worksheets.

Here is another pdf worksheet to match up Merry Christmas with the country.

This is a cute idea to keep your children writing all the year through.

The FDIC offers a free cd that can be used for Economic lessons.  You can find it here.

The following are several links that you can use with A Christmas Carol, most of them deal with Victorian age.  Here is a page on different things in the story.
This is more indepth about the Victorian era. This page has victorian crafts just becareful not to click the Google ads.  Here is an online quiz about A Christmas Carol ( I got 100%).

Last but not least is the page from Easyfunschooling for Christmas and Winter activites and units which can be found here.

 Dig in and enjoy.

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