Monday, October 26, 2009

What a weekend

This weekend was a tiring weekend emotional and physically.  My Husband was home which was a good thing.  We spent some good quality time together.  We have decided to do a Bible study together on 1 Corinthians. will post more on that in later posts.  My youngest daughter had a bit  of a sore throat over the weekend.  She gets them quite often but they won't take out her tonsils because she doesn't get strep throat enough during the year so she has to suffer through sore throat after sore throat.
Then my oldest daughters boyfriend of two years broke up with her.  She didn't see it coming and was devasted.  This is her first boyfriend so it was really hard (not that every break up isn't hard).  I was trying to console her but I kept thinking of all the cliche things that people say and I didn't want to say any of those things  because they really don't lessen the pain so I just sat and listened.  I will just pray and be there for her.

The homeschool freebie tha I found today is this site.  It is a site that takes you through the process of building a castle and makes a great unit for studying middle ages. 

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