Saturday, October 17, 2009

My birthday

Today is my birthday.  It has me thinking that I have lived well over half of my life.  It's fiunny how when we are younger we can't wait to have our birthday's and as we get older it's not such a big deal.  When I was growing up my mom and dad always made sure that I got my favorite meal and a birthday cake.  These days I am content  just to spend the day during things I enjoy doing.  Listening to music, doing things on the computer, reading a good book or watching a good movie.  Spending time with my family if able.  This year it looks like it will just be me and my youngest daughter  but that's okay as I know that I am loved by the rest of my family.

This cute guy was my present from my daughters. They know that snowmen melt my heart.   He was holding a soft light blue fleece blanket that kept me warm last night as I slept.  The picutre was taken by the new camera that my hubby gave me.

Heres hoping everyone has a great day.

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