Friday, October 30, 2009

Errands that need to be done

Today I will have to perform several errands that are not very pleasant to do.  One is getting my picture for my license.  Ugh, I don't feel like I photograph well to begin with and NO one looks good in these pictures.  Of course if I am careful and obey the law maybe no one will see it.  But then there are always those rare times when I have to show it as an ID and I just sit and grimace as they look at this totoally awful picture to make sure I am who I say I am.
Next errand is the annual sign up of benefits at my work.  I don't sign up for anything because we use my hubby's insurance but I still have to go to the office hand in my papers and have them make a copy of my insurance card. (my job is a rare job where they give me a little bit every month because I don't take the insurance.  They need to make sure I am covered though and just not opting out to get the money).   
These I consider nuisance errands, errands that are just annoying but need to be done.  There are errands that I find enjoyable like going to the fabric or craft store to get the items needed for making that special something for someone, buying presents for birthdays, Christmas shopping and even occasionally grocery shopping when I am gaithering the ingrediants for a special meal or treat.

If you want to start a study on Thanksgiving here are a few places to start.  Here is a sight that explores what was really eaten on that first Thanksgiving.  This is a site that offers a scavenger hunt that your children can do.  And this site  has some Thanksgiving themed online games .

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