Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vacation week two

This has been another busy week of vacation.  Sunday we finished doing the carpets.  Monday we went to Washington D.C.  We took the metro down into Washington D.C.  The first thing we saw ws the Capital Building and the Washington Monument. We then went to the Museum of Art.  After seeing several exhibits
 we went to the Museum of American History.  I posted several slide shows in the side bar.  One is of Washington D.C. and the others are of the zoo.  I put the D.C. ones in order but not the zoo ones.  After the Museum of American History we went down to see the Washington Monument up close and then saw the World War II Mermorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, and saw the Jefferson Memorial across the Tidal Basin as we were just to tired to walk any further.  We then took the metro back to our car and went to our motel room.  On Tuesday we slept in a bit then got up and went to the National Zoo.  The main attraction was the Panda.  We took alot of pictures and I had to make two slideshows to fit them all in.  We still didn't see everything but came home around 3:30.  Yesterday was stuff around the house getting things ready for the winter.  Today we are going to Sight and Sound Theater to see "In the Beginning".

These two weeks have gone by fast but we have had a good time. 

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