Monday, November 9, 2009

The story of a Toilet

On Friday our oldest daughter dropped the top of the toilet tank on the toilet and broke it.

Luckily Dave was able to come home this weekend and we spent the day Saturday working on the task of replacing the toilet.
First Dave had to remove the toilet.  Thanks to the internet and Home Depot website we had step by step instructions on how to accomplish this.

First the tank had to be removed.

next was the removal of the bowl.

plug the hole so those nasty sewer gases don't escape (some escaped anyway and the smell wasn't too pleasant.


Removal of the wax ring. 

Next was a trip to Home Depot but we stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch.
While we were at Home Depot we decided since we already had the toilet out tha maybe we should do some much needed repairs on the floor.  So we picked out our toilet then picked out some sub flooring.

We then had the nice man at Home Depot help us put our wood in the trunk ( after it was cut so it would fit).

Measure a gazillion times

and cut once

now back to installing the toilet

time out for some fun.  popping bubble wrap.

check the handy dandy instructions we got from Home Depot website.

We got the toilet with everything included.

final touch

a job well down .  What was suppose to take about 3 hours for a novice took about 10 hours for us!!

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GapGirl said...

Oh boy! Good thing your hubby is handy!!! What a job well dne!