Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This past weekend My husband , Myself and our two daughters went to see Disney's Christmas Carol.  It was very good and was very close to the original story by Dickens so if you were planning to do a study on the novella this holiday I highly recommend seeing the movie.  I do caution though it is scary in parts and young children may be frightened.  It definately was not given the usual Disney treatment.  Here is a review by Focus on the Family's Plugged In.  I receive this newsletter everyweek in my e-mail and find it very helpful.

Disney also released their movie Up on Dvd this week.  We really enjoyed this movie and have added it to our collection.  It is a pixar film so the animation is great. (I forgot to mention that the animation in Christmas Carol was very realistic.  My Husband even commented that at times it was hard to tell that it was animation).  Here is the review from Plugged In.  

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