Friday, November 27, 2009

My Eventful Thanksgiving

We had a fairly eventful Thanksgiving.  Dave was not able to make it to the family Thanksgiving with his family but the kids and I went.  The three kids went in Faith's car and I was in my car by myself.  This let me get to listen to my current audio book and gave the kids some bonding time.  We left a bit early and arrived at the restraunt about 45 minutes early.  I called my mother in law and she said for us to go on over to her house so my son joined me and the girls followed in Faith's Car.  My mother in law currently lives out in the country so we had to travel some country roads.  We were driving along when I happened to look in the rearview mirror just in time to see Faith's car spinning around into the ditch.  She had driven to close to the edge and her tire went over and she over compensated and lost control of her car.  I immediately turned around and went to see what happened.  They were okay just alittle shook up but her car was smashed up a bit.  Luckily it was able to be driven away.  We then had to deal with the insurance and police.  Our meal was quick and short.  Then we went to my Mother in Laws and did what we call Dirty Santa but this year didn't get  to bad.  The whole family gathered pictures together and and my brother in law put them on a digital picture fram for my mother in law as she is moving to a retirement community so this will probably be the last Thanksgiving that we get together.  She gave us a few things that she didn't need anymore and I packed upmy car and went home. The kids stayed a bit longer.  I picked up my hubby on my way home.  I had to go to work last night and I took my son home.  Just as I was leaving my house I was hit by a horse and buggy.  No damage to us or the car or the horse or buggy.  So that was our day, not really a day i would like to repeat. 

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PartyWeDo said...

The dirty Santa exchange is a great way to share fun in a group...

Our family does an online version of the Dirty Santa gift party.. It is called AlbinoPhant and it can be found on Facebook.