Friday, November 6, 2009

A Christmas Carol

Ever since my oldest was old enough that I thought that he could read A Christmas Carol I have made it our literature selection for December.  With the new Disney coming out today I thought it was even more prudent that we continue the tradition. I try to add something different in our studies.  So the links I have are all about this subject.

Wired for books has an audio presentation of the novella.

This  is just a little poem that combines A Christmas Carol with a little of Poe"s The Raven.

Here is a Grammar unit with questions, vocabulary and grammer lessons.

This study guide has analysis of each of the staves and a couple of test yourself quizzes

Here  you can order a Bible study based on the novella.

This page has most of the links I have already listed but does contain a link to a vocabulary pdf file and has some ideas for creative writing.

I am looking forward to seeing thew movie and studying this great story!! 

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