Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hannah's Assignment continued

Last week I gave Hannah the assignment of taking pictures of fall and I thought she did a great job.  She enjoyed it so much that she asked to take pictures around our neighborhood so here they are -

She is turning into quite the photo bug.

I have collected some more links that will help you enhance your holidays.

Crayola  has some things at this site for Thanksgiving.

Kraft  has some decorating ideas for Christmas.
Kraft will also donate 10 meals for every free e-card you send from this site.

Lesson Plans page has a lot of lesson plans for Thanksgiving. has 100 gift ideas at this site.

I confessed to be a Disney fan a few posts ago.  Here you print out some cute Disney decortions for your Thanksgiving Table.

And last but not least I get current events articles and questions from this site.  Hannah is really learning alot about a variety of things.  I don't use it everyday but it is a good start for current events.  And of course all of these are FREE sites.

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