Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dancing in the Minefields

Laury over at Between the Storms shared this great song and video

Dave and I have been married for 25 years now.  I have been married longer than I have been single.  We have had our rough patches and it seems that we are having a bit of one now (nothing major just adjusting to each other after him being on the road for all those years).  Love is a choice.  I find myself choosing to love my husband and working with him on our life together.  Not giving up.  Dancing in the Minefields 


Anna-ree said...

Hi Mindy,
That was really a good song & video! Thanks for sharing! Here's wishing you 25+ more years together and God's blessings!
Anna Maria :)

PS: I LOVE your playlist and I listen to it all the time! :) Good choices! :)

detweilermom said...
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