Monday, April 12, 2010

The General and Monaville, Texas by Joe G. Bax

I received this book from and did not receive any money for this review nor am I required to write a positive review.

The General and Monaville, Texas is about a young boy named John Ross Wilhite growing up in Texas post Civil War. His grandfather was a General in the war fighting for the south but has since put that behind him. He has set his slaves free and given most of them land as sharecroppers. He takes a genuine interest in them expecially Blue for who the General sets up a blacksmith shop in the town.

John Ross is growing up and is starting to get interested in girls expecially his friend Afton. Coming from a small town they all start asking him about his "friend Afton".

Not everyone is willing to let the loss of the Civil War go to the wayside and with the help of the District Attorney and the drunken Sheriff a group forms the local Klan. They don't take kindly to the former slaves being treated as equals and start to cause some trouble in the area having deadly consequences.

And if the Klan isn't enough to handle a former slave show up to take revenge out on the General.

This book isn't very long , only 168 pages, but it sure packs a punch, I found myself not being able to put the book down. The book does end with somewhat of a mystery though and i would love to read more about John Ross and the town of Monaville, Texas.

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