Friday, February 5, 2010

Batten Down the Hatches we are in for a bumpy ride

According to the weather man we are suppose to have a Nor easter coming through later today through tomorrow.  Some places around here are already cancelling things and some schools have decided to let out early.  I went to Walmart this morning on my way home from work like I normally do on Friday's and it was already hopping at 6:30a.m!  But  they didn't have salt to put down so we don't get to much ice.  Hubby will be home this weekend so we will be able to enjoy some family time in front of the fire place while it is cold and snowy outside. 

I got a couple of freebies in my email this morning that I thought you might like.

If any one is planning on doing a unit on the human body here is a whole page full of free resources for your study.

There is still time to plan to make some yummy food for the big game on Sunday and here is a page with several free ebook cookbooks one of which is appetizers.

If your in the Snow zone  stay warm and dry.  Everyone else enjoy your weekend.

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