Friday, February 19, 2010

Meet The newest member of the family!!!

My daughter has been wanting a dog for quite some time but we were not certain that she could handle the responsibility so my hubby took her to the Humane League and this is the adorable kitty that she picked out as we figure cats are a little bit less responsiblity.  We will see how she handles the cat then we will be looking at dobs probably at the end of the year.  We didn't bring her home as she hasn't been spayed yet.  We will pick her up on Tuesday.  Hannah hasn't named her yet.  She is about 3 years old and very affectionate.

My hubby will be home this weekend which will be nice.  It is lonely when he is away.

Some homeschool freebies that I came across today  are Free world U which is a free curriculm that uses flashcards to help your students remeber what they are learning.  Looks interesting what I saw of it.  

Tin Can Knitting looks like an interesting way to knit and looks perfect for teen age girls.

Hands of a Child  is offering a free lapbook package about the First Ladies.  

I received some links that are new to me for free audio books.  These are all classics.  I have found that sometimes when I have a difficult time reading a book i can listen to it and find it very enjoyable.  These are all done by volunteers so are not profession but most of them are very good. 


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