Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oh what a winter we have had

This winter seems to just keep giving.  After the 24 inches we had last weekend and add to that the 29 inches we received during the blizzard this past week,  we are to receive another 4-8 inches tomorrow night into Tuesday.  I already took 3 days off last week and really do not want to take anymore time off but the drifting snow may just keep me home like it did this morning from church.  Woke up and got ready for church then decided to check out face book and low and behold there was a notice that the road we take to church was drifted shut.  There was an alternate way but I was not sure about it so we decided to stay home. 

These are trees infront of our house.  Yes trees not bushes.
Yes I knew there was a car under there somewhere.

My hubby is in Arizona and went to a museum and saw some old west things.  Here are some Pics that he sent me.
That's one Handsome gunfighter (my hubby)

And here are some of the Valentine's he sent me in my email

Isn't he just the sweetest Hubby. 

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

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Beth said...

Oh wow...what a wintery day! We have a lot of snow here as well but none that yet...cover our cars!
Wouldn't it be fun to be out West and experiencing the history that your husband is?
Stay safe and keep warm! (I have been having our thermostat set on 66 degrees and this morning I called my husband and told him we have to turn it up. It is hard to concentrate when it is sooo cold in this house!)