Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TV Tuesday - My Three Sons

I have been DVRing episodes of this classic tv show on a local station that show alot of the older shows.  Only problem is that they only show about 4 episodes on Saturday.   No Sad

Since my hubby works long hours and gets up early (usually between 1-3) and gets home late (5-6)  we eat supper then like to relax by watching one of theses and then he goes to sleep.  So we an extra day.

It's nice to just watch the Douglass family as that time was a much simpler time. 

Unfortunately they have only released only the first 2 seasons of this on dvd (it was on for 12 years). 

In the first seasons William Frawley was Bub, Steve's Father-in-law (William Frawley was Fred Mertz on I Love Lucy)  and the had Mike the oldest son who seems to disappear later (kinda like the Cunninghams oldest son did from Happy Days)

I will probably be adding these to our dvd collection after we get all the episodes to other series (maybe by then more seasons will be available)

On the day that we don't watch My Three Sons we have started watching this


The Little Chocolatiers!!


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