Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tv Tuesday - Homefront

Homefront was a show that I thought was to short lived.  I have been watching some episodes and enjoying them all over again. 

I have been really been hit about all the racism that was going on back them (unfortunately some of it is still going on ).  One scene had the elderly mother of Abe - the black driver of  the wealthy family the Sloans- went into the hospital for a gall bladder removal.  When they were wheeling her into the room for recovery the white woman in the romm pitched a fit.  Gloria- Abe's wife- went to the head nun and demanded that the situation be taken care of.  The white woman was removed from the room.  The mother wakes up and then when she finds out that her new roommate is Japanese, she pitches a fit and says pretty much that excast same thing the white woman said about her.  ( this show takes place after WWII)

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