Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Monday

So I am finally back after having computer problems.  After we got the computer taken care of we started to have wireless problems.  They wanted $70 to tell us how to fix our configuration problem.  We decided to buy a new router instead for $40.  Now we are back in business.

For the movie for this week I couldn't find a trailer. 

A young Kurt Russell stars in this good-natured comedy. Steve Stone is an ambitious mailroom clerk at a third-rate television network when he stumbles onto the fact that his girlfriend's pet chimpanzee, Raffles, can pick ratings winners. Suddenly he's well on his way up the corporate ladder and getting his network to No. 1. Keeping Raffles and his abilities a secret provide the perfect setting for wacky, wicked comedy. The truly funny cast of Joe Flynn, Harry Morgan, Wally Cox, John Ritter, and others make up the executives and their cohorts. Not wanting to be made fools of, the executives try to save their dignity as well as their jobs by relocating Raffles. There's lots of physical comedy and downright silliness. Talk about monkey business! Released in 1971, this film can appear dated at times, but the story still holds up today. A likable, fun movie that harks back to a time of innocent mischief. Refreshingly void of techno gadgets and helmet laws, this film is just good, clean, wholesome fun for the whole family. --Peggy Maltby-Etra

My Take:

I picked this up with my Disney Movie Points.  This movie would be great for the whole family.  Just a staright forward family comedy with no language or sex.  When the chimp is on the screen he steals the show.   I have always liked the earlier Disney live action movies (so much better than the ones they have today). 

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